About Us

ALAFA - Latin American Alliance for the Family, is a non-governmental organization dedicated to building a better society through universal values and strengthening the family's fundamental role.



Our Values


We see young people realizing that universally respected values are the path to happiness for themselves, their families, and their communities: they make sense and they work.



ALAFA guides young people to understand, appreciate, and try to adopt the universal values, skills, and habits that lead to a healthy, happy, and stable family and community. We do this by developing, testing, and distributing printed and electronic materials for them, their teachers, and their parents, who are their children’s most important educators. Since the values are universal, our mission is world-wide.


ALAFA work centers on a character development program known as Alive to the World / AW. The institutional author of the original Spanish version (entitled Aprendiendo a Querer) is ALAFA / Latin American Alliance for the Family. In 2007, ALAFA became the copyright holder and now markets versions in English, French, and Portuguese—as well as the original Spanish—all over the world. For more information on AW, please see Background and Our Program.

AFF sponsors various projects that involve AW. We are particularly interested in evaluations of the program’s impact on the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of young people. For more information, please see Our Projects.