Alive to the World

ALAFA has written, published, distributed, and evaluated an extensive character development program whose English name is Alive to the World / AW.

Centered on twelve books that can be used in or out of elementary and secondary school over as many years, this course presents an ongoing story about a group of friends who confront typical situations as they grow up. The program makes young people think about choices and consequences. At age appropriate levels, they have to consider family, friendship, peer pressure, romance, sex, love, marriage—and implications like loyalty, team work, personal responsibility, and respect for property, to name but a few.


Over time, they learn that universal values make sense, that they form a coherent system, and, most importantly, that they open up a world of possibilities of health, happiness, and progress. The approach of using an unfolding story over the course of several years had never been attempted before the first volumes of AW were written and published in Spanish in 2001.


Due to the success in Latin America the Program has been expanded to other regions and adapted editions have been published. See links below for additional information.

  • United Kingdom
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • A Brazilian adaptation called Caminhos de Vida is now available in Portuguese and circulates in the States of Sao Paolo, Paraná, Pará, Belo Horizonte and Campo Grande.
  • Spain [ Edition in preparation ... more information forthcoming].
  • Argentina [Edition in preparation ... by MDA, Buenos Aires].