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The only way of eradicating AIDS, the terrible plague that is afflicting our planet, is by helping people to reflect on human sexuality and consequently commit to being faithful to one person. It is that clear, and the facts demonstrate it. I’m not saying that it is easy, but it should be our goal and it is what the program Alive to the World (in Spanish, Aprendiendo a Querer) proposes, among other good things, to young people in Sub-Saharan Africa. This values and virtues course is well thought out, with an attractive presentation through a continuous story, and it does not fall into the trap of reaching its goal by way of shortcuts.


Jokin de Irala MD, MPH, PhD
Preventive Medicine and Public Health
Faculty of Medicine
Universidad de Navarra
Doctor in Public Health, University of Massachusetts, U.S.A.

"Making a Difference: Martha Angulo." Americas Quaterly, Fall 2010.
Colegio "Josefa Gómez de Delfino"
Colegio "Santísima Trinidad"
U.E. Don Simón Rodríguez
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