Information for Parents

A Letter From Christine de Marcellus Vollmer:


I wrote Alive to the World / AW thinking of my seven children, and thinking of you…you are the most important teachers of your children. I have wanted to help you teach them what is most important in life: the values that you try to put into practice every day and that you must have learned from your own parents, just as I learned from mine. There is nothing new about this program, nothing surprising, because people are basically the same everywhere and at all times. What was true and good, what would lead to a happy life when I was a young girl in California (I won’t tell you when that was!) is basically the same for your children, wherever they may be.


I should say that there is nothing new in my message, but there are a few things new in the way I have tried to present it. As my children grew older, and because of the times and experiences that I had lived—and all of our lives have joys and sorrows—I wanted to understand everything about my children and my family and I wanted to brace myself against all the surprises that they would present me. Over the course of the years, I was able to read about the biology and the psychology and the spirituology, and whatever it takes to help a child be healthy and happy. I had the chance to read about child development and learned that everything is connected with everything else: the growth of the body, the impact of the feelings, the depth of the intellect, the longings of the spirit.


How, I kept asking myself, can I tell young people the truth without sounding


preachy? As you know, if you want a child to do something (especially the older ones), all you have to do is demand the opposite. It finally dawned on me that maybe I could just tell them stories. So AW involves an ongoing story about friends who grow up as your child does, and those friends, with all their normal good and bad points, little by little open up your child’s eyes to what happiness consists of.


But, we shouldn’t give too much credit to fictional or real children, or they will become vain and proud! Adults, too, have a place in our program. There are some grown-ups in the books, and they give good advice to the young characters. More importantly, your children’s wonderful school teachers do, too! We have invited them to special sessions where they increase their skills at teaching the course and they help the children to talk about the stories and ask questions.


Finally, it all comes back to you, the parents. Within all your cares and activities, I hope you will make the time to take part in the little exercises that are in the books. They may keep you on the same page as your children, so to speak, but there is no guarantee. In the long run, however, there is nothing but optimism, because children always respond to the love of their parents.


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Christine de Marcellus Vollmer