Information for Teachers

Alive to the World / AW is a complete educational program that guides young people to understand, appreciate, and adopt universal values, including those having to do with sexuality and with democratic participation.


1. Points of Departure


  • We recognize children and teenagers’ realities.
  • We propose to help them develop their character in order to improve their chances for success and happiness.
  • We have a clear viewpoint, based on biology, psychology, sociology, and philosophy, on the natures of success, happiness, and the human being.
  • We realize that character education must take into account the body, instincts, feelings, intelligence, will and the social surroundings of each person.


2. Our educational process has three stages


  • Recognition: A conceptual and cognitive effort wherein the teacher helps the student understand a reality.
  • Acceptance: The student’s internalizion of this understanding, based on the teacher’s encouragement of positive feelings towards oneself and one’s future.
  • Action: The teacher helps the student to come to conclusions about concrete actions.


3. Methodology


  • Empathy: The very format of AW helps young people feel listened to: it is a constantly unfolding story of situations that ring true … and that require that they make a moral choice.
  • Explanations, not lectures: The story format helps young people discover for themselves the connections between actions and consequences and the interconnectedness of all the virtues. The teacher’s role is to set out certain facts and keep the discussion focused.
  • Experiences: Sidebars show how real people, some famous and some not so, have put values into practice in dramatic and in everyday situations. The students see that virtue is attainable.


4. Expected results


  • Children and teenagers will better understand themselves, appreciate values, know the difficulties they will face in adopting them, and develop the skills to overcome those obstacles.
  • They will understand what true freedom is and will form a conscience that guides them as they build their own future.
  • They will learn appropriate information at appropriate ages about sex and other sensitive matters.
  • They will dialogue about important matters with their parents and responsible adults. The story format of AW helps even the shyest young person talk about a personal situation: he or she can allude to a fictitional character.


5. Evaluations


  • Please consult another section of this website for details about the formal evaluations of AW.