Alive to the World® is structured as a 12-year curriculum. Each of the twelve levels includes a student book and a teacher manual. Every level is comprised of 35 one-to-two-hour sequenced lessons, which can be inserted within any school system as a one-hour-a-week class. Its modular structure also lends itself to other delivery options such as scout groups, faith-based groups, extra-curricular youth activities, and to the family. This program has been designed with the capacity to be adapted to specific populations and needs.


The student textbooks supply knowledge, guide the emotions and inspire appropriate action by presenting a continuous story about a group of children who confront a series of situations of universal application as they grow up and gives them a variety of tools for responsible decision-making in responding to day-to-day situations.


At age appropriate levels, starting with the 6-year old, the series takes the student from the basic concepts of the human person inserted in a family, through the basics of friendship, which include loyalty, inter-dependability, and respect for property, through the period of peer pressure and adolescence to the later high-school years when romance, love and sex can be confusing and fraught with conflicts. 


Alive to the World® uses a multidimensional understanding of games and good sportsmanship, fair play and reciprocity to present a multi-faceted concept of diversity and complementarity and the richness of widely differing types of personalities, tastes and talents, thereby promoting tolerance. It is only by building


on these basic values of human and social capital that personality, character, sexuality, and personal responsibility can be fully understood.


For adolescents, our curriculum has a new and effective approach to avoiding pregnancy and AIDS. The point of view appeals to young people of all socio-economic levels and can be easily adapted to diverse populations. It has an intensive abstinence only sexual education component in the 8-12 grade books that is based on values. It is the result of many years of field research, centered on the interests, doubts and concerns of children and adolescents. It defines sexuality as “everything a person must learn from birth, in order to live happily as a stable and permanent couple”. And approaches it as the expression of the totality of a human being, in the unity of his or her body and mind.


This abstinence education component has accessible yet deep contents aimed at answering the most vital questions a child has throughout his development in a way that is personal as well as scientific and truthful. The curriculum has been enriched with contributions from the fields of psychology, bioethics, medicine, philosophy and pedagogy, which grounds the program in all the disciplines dealing with human sexuality.


The program strengthens the image of parents as the fundamental teachers, since the stories make constant reference to how important it is for children to approach them for support and advice.