The Curriculum

Decision-making techniques, tolerance, democracy, AIDS prevention, and abstinence are some of the topics and skills that are presented in the Alive to the World® program.


The result of many years of research and development, this 12 year series aims to assist parents and teachers in the important job of helping kids learn and integrate into their lives the necessary information, skills and habits so that they can become responsible, happy and successful individuals.


The curriculum covers four main areas of values education in two overall stages: childhood and adolescence.


  • Biological level of action: identity, modesty, health, self-control and skills.

  • Psychological level of action: psychosexual development of the personality, self-knowledge, self–esteem, assertiveness and good habits.
  • Intellectual-spiritual level of action: intellectual maturity (that is objectivity and general culture); moral maturity (this is openness to virtue and happiness, growth in liberty, prudence, respect for life); and openness to a spiritual dimension.
  • Social level of action: maturing the relations of family, friends, community and marriage.