Book 1: Getting to Know Myself

Getting to Know Myself corresponds to the first level of formal education. It emphasizes the child’s self image and the children’s basic acknowledgement of the “I” and the awareness of their body. It focuses on the children recognizing and becoming aware of their feelings in order to nurture the positive and control the negative ones. The basic principle is that in order for us to become masters of our feelings, we must first be able to name and recognize what we are feeling.


Life inside the womb is introduced, as is basic childcare for newborns. The most important event in the main character’s family life is the birth of his baby sister. He follows his mother’s pregnancy and the changes that come about in his family. This gives rise to the awareness of the place each individual has within the family circle.

The concept of family and the relationships each of its members has with one another are underlined, whereby each role is given its importance. Finally, the association between health and taking care of one’s body is established.


Some of the subjects we explore are:


  • One’s name and other identity data
  • Acknowledging one’s own body
  • Acknowledging feelings
  • Obedience
  • Pregnancy
  • Development in the womb
  • Different family members, nuclear and extended family
  • Health and hygiene