Book 5: Talents and Tastes

Talents and Tastes continues the story of Charles and Alicia, their friends and families. Our characters discover the great diversity of persons and talents that exists in the world around them and learn to value not only their own individuality, but that of others. Their adventures lead them to learn that an “ideal” personality does not exist, but rather that, because of their talents, if developed, every person is unique and different. They also learn to appreciate that the corollary of diversity is complementarity.


Throughout the story they realize that complementarity is an essential element of social and family relationships. Characteristics and traits, different and common to both male and female are highlighted and a way of life that may empower each sex is encouraged.


The story guides boys and girls to discover each other’s potential and to have a positive attitude toward their own and others’ achievements, as well as toward their own and others’ mistakes.

Thus, integrity is established as a way of life that is to be adopted as a proactive attitude when relating to others.


In this book, the boys and girls will study in depth the need for truth. Book 5 encourages politeness, respect and solidarity.

Once again, it refers to pre-natal development and the birth process.


As in earlier books, physical effort and discipline are highlighted as essential to health, excellence and freedom by means of self-control. Self-control is shown as the opposite of dependence, represented by the use of drugs.


Some of the subjects we explore are:


  • Difference and complementarity
  • The common human nature
  • Solidarity
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