Book 6: Friends!

Friends! responds to the pre-teen’s increasing interest in and need for good peer relationships. With big developmental tasks ahead, the 11-12 year old must learn to understand the basic values of friendship and acquire the virtues and skills that make it possible. This book is about pursuing healthy friendships and supportive relationships. Teaching pre-teens to value and nurture friendships is good preparation for the most important of life’s tasks—establishing loving marriages and healthy families.

Some of the subjects we explore are:


  • Friends of the same sex and friends of the opposite sex
  • Resolving conflicts with friends
  • Friendship in the family, community, society, nation, and world
  • Discerning between healthy friendships and unhealthy ones
  • Resisting negative peer pressure
  • Dealing with the changes puberty brings to the self, to friends, and to friendships
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