Book 9: Who, How, When?

This time around, these now familiar characters will give us a chance to explore in greater detail some of the concepts dealt with in the previous book, such as personality awareness and peer pressure. Closeness and relationships, the different facets of loyalty, fair play and commitment are some of the key topics presented throughout this lively story.


The main objectives are:


  • Love, compassion and leadership, as well as the challenges resulting from peer pressure, the changing situations any modern day teenager can face and the economic realities of the family in today’s consumer society.
  • Teenage pregnancy, pornography and STD’s are discussed, and examples of different ways of handling dating are important parts of this book. The unpredictable and changing feelings of teenagers’ experience, is the backdrop to all of these topics.
  • Essential personal relationships, such as camaraderie, leadership, friendship and love, in a context appropriate for the 14 to 15 year age group.



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