Leopoldo Program

A holistic program which stimulates the capacities of children with neurological impairment, allowing them to reach their full potential. This program is based on 2 important premises: the plasticity of the brain and the therapeutic effect of love. Its guiding philosophy is based on the fact that all humans acquire their functional abilities through the natural and orderly development of the brain.


In October, 2008, the Programa Leopoldo celebrated 15 years of existence in the Casa de La Mujer "Josefa Palacios de Ribas" in Ribas County, Aragua State, Venezuela.


Thanks to the support of Rosario Leon, Director of the Casa de la Mujer and the team of therapists led by Nelly Perdigon, the Programa Leopoldo benefits many children and families of Aragua and neighboring states. For more information on this method, see www.reachfamilyinstitute.org