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Adapting to Africa

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ALAFA launches a program to prevent AIDS in Africa


The African Family Life Federation will implement the program

The program hopes to reach 232 thousand children in 8 different countries.


ALAFA has found new ways to expand its intensive values educational program, Alive to the World / AW, by developing strategies in conjunction with the African Family Life Federation / AFLF for the prevention of HIV-AIDS in Africa.


The program’s goal is to diminish the impact of the infection, mitigate the stigma of the illness and stimulate teenagers to help the sick and needy through the analysis and practice of traditional values.


AFLF’s educational team will adapt the series of books -that has already been effectively implemented in 12 Latin American countries- to an African context. The


African Family Life Federation will be responsible for the execution of the program.


The strategy is to reawaken in children and adolescents the traditional African values of self-respect, friendship, and a longing to be grounded in an orderly family and society. The program will also present abstinence education as a strategy for HIV-AIDS prevention. The goal is to reach 232,000 children in 8 African countries in a 3 year time frame. An evaluation and monitoring system, similar to the one followed in Venezuela, Mexico and Peru, will be put in practice.


With the implementation of Alive to the World / AW, the involved organizations expect to improve the attitudes, knowledge and behaviors of 80% of the children in the program. The project includes teacher training courses that will be imparted by ALAFA and AFLF trainers as well as the publication of evaluations in order to raise public opinion and urge discussion amongst the African academic world.


The project aims to help children first to avoid becoming infected with HIV, and, second, to be generous towards the direct and indirect victims of HIV-AIDS. In an unprecedented effort to prevent HIV-AIDS in Africa, this project sets out to teach abstinence and virtues to children before puberty.
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